Regular vs. All-Plastic Cards

Regular vs. All-Plastic Cards

Posted by Baron Barclay on Mar 30th 2022

Baron Barclay offers both regular and all-plastic cards. But which should you buy? There are a few things to consider, but the most important factor is the feel. Some players have a definite preference for one or the other.

Regular Cards

One reason people choose regular paper cards over plastic is the price point. While they are less expensive, they may not be more economical. Paper cards aren't as long lasting, so they need to be replaced more often than plastic cards.

All-Plastic Cards

The main reason choose all-plastic cards is durability. Plastic cards have a much longer lifespan than paper cards. They are more flexible than paper cards, which makes them easier to shuffle. They won't tear or fold and they can be cleaned. Dirt grime and spills that could ruin a deck of paper cards can be washed off the all-plastic cards. Click here for cleaning instructions.