BridgeBee (n.) - an app allowing users to purchase curated practice hands from renowned authors. The guided walkthroughs are far more interactive than books, with nothing on the market like it.

Click here to go to the BridgeBee site and play free hands by Marti Ronemus, Robert Todd, Jennifer Jones, Frank Stewart and more!


What's special about BridgeBee?

  • Simple and intuitive. From purchasing to playing, BridgeBee is easy to use.
  • Quality content. Bidding, Declarer Play, Defense. It takes someone special to create the right bridge hands, and our authors are the best of the best.
  • Interactive learning. To improve your bridge game, you need to read and practice. Playing our curated hands is the best of both worlds. You can practice and learn specific skills at the same time.

What is a BridgeBee hand?

  • Random hands make for great practice, but BridgeBee's curated hands will make you a better player more quickly.
  • You can select your level and subject of interest, and start playing hands based on your specific criteria.
  • Choose the right hands for your play style. BridgeBee is designed to have what you need as you improve.
  • With BridgeBee you won't form bad habits - if you select the wrong bid or card, you just try again until you get it right.
  • Comments from experts and teachers will guide you through the lesson every step of the way.

To play and purchase BridgeBee lessons go to or click here. 


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