Basic Quick Reference Deck

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The cards in this deck are designed to be easy guides to the most important points about bridge systems and conventions. They come with a ring in the package so you can make them your own. Sort the cards your own way, write on the cards and use the cards with your partners,
Table of contents:
Counting Points
Evaluating Your Hand
Identifying the Players
Opening in a Suit
Opening in No Trump
Responding to a Suit Bid
Responding to a One No-Trump Bid
Jacoby Transfers
Opener Rebids in Suit Contracts
Responder Rebids in Suit Contracts
Preemptive Openings
Third and Fourth Seat Openings
Two-Club Opening Bid and Responses
Making an Overcall
Advancing an Overcall
Slam Bidding: Blackwood & Gerber
Michaels Cuebid
Unusual No Trump
Bidding After Interference
Takeout Doubles Bidding After Opponent's Takeout Double
Balancing or Reopening Bids
Jump-shifts and Reverses
Opening Leads Against Suit Contracts
Opening Leads Against No Trump Contracts
Basic Signals
Cards measure 4" x 6" Comes with a 1" ring so you can arrange the cards the way you want to arrange them.